Monday, April 26, 2010

Filming and Writing and Pictures Oh My!

Hey all, this is just post to update our readers on what Smash has been up to lately. We have been busy finishing up the filming of our Legacy Garden project. As well we have done quite a bit more filming for our Day in the Life project. While we probably have enough film to complete the Day in the Life project, we are hoping to shoot more minor footage to supplement, this additional footage may include interviews with subjects. Speaking of interviews, our group has completed all major interviews for our three projects, the two mentioned above and our Flick the Switch project. Lastly in terms of film, our group has completed all of our photography for our three projects, you can view many of these photos below. Our team has also submitted three of our book entries for our projects. With the semester's end nearing, our team is working hard to keep up on all of the work that is due while still trying to enjoy the learning experience that accompanies.

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