Sunday, April 11, 2010

Natural Resources, Filming the Legacy Garden, and other SMASH Shenanigans

Hey There!
So SMASH has been pretty busy over the past week, on Friday I went out and filmed for our natural resources project which is a video on the progress that the legacy garden has made so far. The relation I want to make to what we have learned in class so far is what Coles suggests in his "Doing Documentary Work" that there is really no possible way for us as documentarians to be completely objective about a film or any documentary work that we might be doing...for example, by filming the garden I am only giving one perspective to the viewer and only through one lens. Besides filming interviews with students and Julie Welch, I enjoyed filming b-roll the most because I got to use my artistic and creative side. In addition to filming the garden I also filmed an interview with Deliah who works for food services in Cafe Louis, from this part I wanted to bring up the importance of having relationships with our subjects, I have gotten to know Deliah throughout the year because I get my daily cup of joe from her, and she has helped me with learning Spanish, so the importance of establishing relationships is crucial.
Below you will see a few pictures from the shoot that day!

More to come soon...

Damaris Nielsen

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